Shopping on Sunday 3/19

This morning we were running really low on breakfast items, in fact we had no cereal, poptarts or grits. So a trip to Aldi was definitely in order. We attended an early service this morning so were able to breeze through the store and totally restock our breakfast supply. Total spent was $45.

The next stop was CVS. I was unsuccessful in grabbing the scrubbing bubbles deal from last week so I started with 12 ECB. I was able to purchase 2 18 double roll packs of Scott Bathroom tissue and 2 containers of mouthwash for $3.87 out of pocket or a 92% savings. I also received 9 ECB in return. I am really excited as this was an easy transaction with no glitches!


Total Grocery Spending for March $135

Saving on Sunday 02/12/2017

My mother had me purchase a paper for her yesterday. Since our small town does not have a Sunday paper, sometimes coupon inserts are in the papers in the rank. Coupon inserts are not guaranteed so it truly is a hit or miss game. I felt like I hit the jackpot yesterday when her paper contain 3 inserts. They were of course the same three insert but at least there were three. I have a Sunday paper delivered to my house from the larger town that is 45 minutes away.

CVS has an awesome sale on Mitchum deodorant this week. It is on sale for $3.99 and there is a coupon for $2 in the inserts today. I scored BIG with finding four coupons in the inserts I have.  The other sale that I was hoping for was Irish Spring Body Wash. They are currently on sale for $3.99 with a $1 off coupon in this weeks paper and 2ECB for each one purchased. I lucked out again and found 4 body wash coupons.

I split my purchases up into 3 transactions which looked like this:

#1 2 Irish Spring Body Wash- used 2 $1 of coupons and 3ECB from a previous purchase.   Total spent $3.54 with 4 ECB received and a coupon for $2 off $6 purchase of body wash.

#2  2 Irish Spring Body Wash- used 2 $1 off coupons, coupon for $2 off $ and 4 ECB from first transaction. Total spent $.42

#3 4 Mitchum deodorants- used 4 $2 off each coupons and 4 ECB from previous transaction. Total spent $.84

Total spent : $4.80- which I placed on a gift card received from Swagbucks so in reality $0 out of pocket.
Total Saved $35 or 88%



Saving At CVS 11/20/2016

I will not be able to shop at CVS on Thanksgiving or Black Friday because we are out of town. But I was able to make a quick but thirty trip today.



I managed to save 81% or $21. I also grab some needed soda for myself. Total spent was $4.73 or less than the price of 3 2 litters.

Have you found any great deal yet?


This is an awesome time of year to be shopping and I really do enjoy getting some great deals. I am going to share a few of these deals and other suggestions to help you save today as well.

First, if you are shopping on-line be sure you check and use the places that offer cash back. We needed to purchase some new sheet last weekend, so I check out the sales at JCPenny’s. I ended up going through Swagbucks to make the purchase so I was able to grab 3 sets of sheets and 4 shirts for around $115 including shipping. I will also be receiving over 800 swagbucks with no real extra work.

I made some last minute trips out Friday night to Dollar General and even texted Amanda to make a stop for me. The reason a sale on Hot Wheel and Matchbox cars. The sale was Buy 1 and Get 2 free. Which made each of the cars thirty three cent. This is an AMAZING deal that I have scored one time before. I was able to grab 100 cars in three different stores. We hide some of the cars and placed the others in a gift drawer. Zach decided he needed some new cars and offered to purchase them from the gift drawer. I am so glad we got extras. I do have plans to use some of the cars as gifts for my church group in addition to they make cool birthday gifts.

I have also taken advantage of sales online at Bath and Body Works, The Children’s Place and JCPenny’s again this weekend. JCPenny is currently running their black Friday deals on-line which is a huge sale.

Finally, I am using my CVS card to purchase items. Here is a picture of my trip today.

I used $14 on the gift card leaving me with another $10. I saved $45 or 76% prior to using the gift card. I am so happy to be able to use free money to buy things we all need!

CVS Quick Trip

I was so excited because I was able to earn and print out my $25 gift card to CVS. My plan is to use this card this month instead of money from our budget.  Thursday, I took a quick glance at the ad and then decided to wait until Saturday to really look at the ad. I made my plans and completed my trip tonight (Sunday) I will admit up front that I am a little disappointed, why you ask? Because I did not even get to use my gift card.  My CVS was already out of the free gummies, so my only purchase was for disposable razors.

img_1962I used a $3 off coupon from the newspaper but there are still several printable one available.
I also had $5 ECB from a previous transaction.
My total was $0.56 which I had in my pocket.

Earned $3 in ECB.  A good and easy trip.

Grocery Budget Buster

I will be the first to admit that I don’t grocery shop like most people but I do shop in a way that over a period of a year, saves money and feeds us well.  I did excellent in the month of June of keeping cost low and even decided to reduce our monthly budget. I knew that sometime this summer, I would need to restock on meat and some other items, even last Sunday I had high hope of holding down our spending for the month. We had been to Costco twice and spent a total of $497 . But as of today that is not possible.

Last Friday, Matt texted that we were out of toilet paper so I stopped by the CVS, where I thought our preferred brand was on sale. It was on sale but not what I thought so I just grabbed one package.  The sale I was thinking about started on Sunday. Sunday night Lily and I headed back to CVS to grab the toilet paper of course and a couple of other deals. I was disappointed that I had to get a couple of rainchecks which threw off my savings. My goal is always 60% but with buying the needed toilet paper and also some additional sunscreen I ended up spending $27.25 and saving 48% or $24.71.  I did start this trip without any ECB and ended with $2 so not a complete fail.

Next, the one store in our area that doubles coupons started a super sale, which doubles coupons up to $2. I looked over the list and realized that many of items we need were available so last night we headed out. I was also able to grab drinks that we will be taking with us for our beach trip.  I did hit my 60% mark, spending $77.97 and saving 140 or 64%. I used three rainchecks that included 10 packs of hot dogs, flour and sugar, all items that I did not have coupons on but were a great deal with the rain check.

Finally, we are still following our monthly plan with lots of different items on the weekend. We decided to have Hamburger Helper on Monday since both girls had cheerleading. Matt and I realized that we were using our last pack of ground beef.  Typically we purchase between 30 and 50 pounds at a time and fry and place in one pound bags which make meals really quick and easy to fix. Zaycon Foods is where I always purchase chicken breast and I have been pleased with the ground beef in the past. I got an email this morning with a pick up for ground beef next week and an additional 12% off code. We decided to go ahead and purchase 80 pounds of ground beef. We plan to fry up 50 pounds and just freeze the other 30 pounds to use as raw meat. Total cost for 80 pounds of ground beef $215.38 or $2.69 a pound which is the cheapest I have seen this year.

Currently I have spent $818.07 so a total budget fail but it should allow us to eat well through the rest of the year. My goal will be to lower the grocery budget to $400 for both August and September to keep us on track for the year.

Bargain Brag 6/23/2016

I continue to stand by my thoughts that saving and couponing is a lifestyle not a hobby.  I was able to purchase this today at CVS for 56 cents.

IMG_26033 12 packs of Diet Coke and 24 bottles of water.

First is Coke Points, I have been adding points and spending points for 3 or 4 years. Today I had a free 12 pack coupon.

Next is CVS sale. I was planning to use a rain check I had 3 packs for $10 but when I saw the sale, I simply put my rain check back in my pocket.

Next, 50 cent off coupon from the CVS app, it was advertised in the sale paper is the way I discovered.

Finally, a $5 gift card that was earned through MPLaces. Basically this is an app that you “check in” (click the button) for place. I usually hit most of the 25 each day at stop lights on my way to and from work.

Total out of pocket fifty six cents which breaks the items down to less than a penny each!

Step by Step CVS Trip!

I started my trip with $5 ECB from last weeks trip, I also received $5 ECB from Beauty  Club Rewards. I will explain these below.

CVS tracks your spending in several ways that end up helping you. First if you buy a CVS brand item you get 2% back at the end of the quarter.  This shows up on the bottom of your receipt each purchase but does not include anything from today. Second is the “Beauty Club.” You actually have to sign up for this but it is very simple. It tracks how much you spend on soap, hair care, body wash, make-up and other random items. This cost is considered pre coupon, for example, I purchased a razor today that was marked at $13.49,this is the amount that is counted as beauty club. These is also are tracked at the bottom of your receipt but do not show items purchased on the same day. Both these items print automatically when you scan your card at the red machine. Quaterly ECB print the first time you scan in April, July, October and January. Each time you reach the $50 mark of Beauty Club they will print in approximately a week.

I spent approximately 30 minutes on Thursday or Friday evening looking at the upcoming weeks list at Southern Savers.  Click on Drug Store at top, then CVS, last click weekly deals and pick the correct week. It is very simple to make a printable list. For me I pick all free items after coupons, and then I usually pick items that we use that are less then $1. I try to check my coupon inserts so that my list only includes items that I actually have coupons for. I print my list and stick in my folder with the coupons I will use. Next step is to decide how many transactions?  I will also label this on my printed list if I have more than 2 or 3.  I have learned that it is easier to do multiple transaction and then you can use ECB for the next one. This week, I planned two transactions.

I ended up actually going to CVS prior to work today because I got too busy yesterday. My first transaction was for the Woman’s Razor. I use a coupon for $3 off from Smart Source 4/24 and $10 ECB that I listed above. Total cost was $1.08. I earned $5 ECB. My second transaction was for a total of 4 bottles of Suave, 2 were the 3n1 Kids and the other two were Suave Professionals. I had a coupon for 3 of the items again from Smart Source 4/24.  After coupons and ECB my total was $4.84 and I received 5 ECB,

Total spent $5.92, saved $26.86 or 82%

The razor has been on my list for several weeks and will last me most of the summer. The shampoo is one of the items along with deodorant and body wash that I always stock up on if possible for around $1 each. I NEVER pay for toothpaste or mouthwash.

Do you have a question that I missed?


Saving on Saturday 04/23/2016


I actually have 3 ways I have been saving this week to share with you today. First is a very common one, CVS.   I have actually not been to CVS in three weeks but this was definitely a week that I needed and wanted to go. I consider a good trip saving over 60%.  This weeks’ trips met the criteria as I spent $26 and saved $38 or 60%. I am more pleased that most of the items purchased were on my list of things we needed including deodorant for Lily, body wash for Matt and bathroom cleaner. As you probably already know Diet Cokes are always on my list. The second way, I saved this week is by purchasing chicken breast from Zaycon (my referral link). They sent me a coupon good for 20 cent off a pound which saved me 11% or $25. I also had a credit from a previous pick up where I was short some pounds of pork tenderloin and a referral credit. I was able to purchase 120# of chicken breast for $198.04!  Finally I did not save money but earned free money from Swagbucks. I have been completing less than an hour a day answering survey question and or watching videos, letting them run on my screen for the past month. I cashed out Swagbucks for a $25 Target gift card and discovered a $5 Amazon card in my account!   Free money is better than saving money!

How did you save this week?

Miscellaneous Monday

  • Our menu plan is very simple for this week. Leftovers for Monday and Wednesday and Pulled Pork on Tuesday.  I want to try and clean out as much of the refrigerator as possible before our trip.
  • I am working hard to achieve a good work/life balance.  I am finding it impossible. Work is crazy busy and the kids are crazy busy as well.
  • I am really looking forward to this trip just to have some down time without feeling rushed or like I should be doing something else.
  • The weather is starting and predicted to start warming up, I still do not have a plan for the square foot garden so I need to get this down on paper soon.
  • The heat is back on in our house. I am hoping that once we leave on Thursday, that will be the end of the heat for the year.
  • I have given myself a goal to earn $200 from Swagbucks by December of this year. I am so close to cashing out my first $25 that it is tempting to purchase an item that is 100% back but I don’t want to spend any money. So I will patiently or not so patient wait till closer to the end of the month to achieve this.
  • Zach is continuing to make huge improvement in soccer. He was able to score 2 goals this weekend and made 2 stops as goalie.
  • Lily has found her backhand spring at cheerleading! It is so nice to watch her tumble!