Wordless Wednesday- Garden

Photo credit is Lily

Moved the Tomato’s from the overcrowded beds and purchased $10 of pepper plants on Saturday (5/28)

Zuchnnni and squash- second round planted 5/28.

sugar snap peas



Wordless Wednesday

My heart breaks and I can’t even imagine sending my kids to school and they never return..  No worse evil exist in the world. This is to honor those lost.



Wordless Wednesday- Square Foot Garden

Above are my “green stock” vertical planters.  We have close to 100 “pockets” planted between the two of these!

Front of house beds- 2 tomato beds and a “cooler” plant below

Tomato bed #1

Tomato bed #2. Marigolds are to help with disease, and I have also planted a row of basil in this bed!

Zucchini on both ends with kale, cabbage and broccoli in the middle with at least 30 bush green beans as well!

These are the beds that we moved behind the house.

I am super excited about how everything is growing this year!   My goal is to harvest 100 pounds of food.

This does not include the galloon size ziplock bag that is in the freezer of Kale for smoothies!