Wordless Wednesday- Family Pictures

I wanted to share some of our pictures.

The whole gang….



Now some for the kids…the ladder is my FAVORITE!


Everyone loved the Tire swing..

Finally happy middle school girls…

Wordless Wednesday-Family Pictures

We had family pictures made on Sunday. I am sure I will be posting more as we get them for here is a sneak peek. The other pictures the kids took while getting dressed!



Wordless Wednesday- Baseball

Playing the outfield

Playing the outfield

Up at bat……

Random cuteness


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And finally, his biggest fans…. his sisters

Christmas Wrap Up 2015


Amanda was working on Christmas Day so she came over around lunch on Christmas Eve for a gift exchange before we all headed over to Paw Paw’s and Granny’s for the real fun. Amanda purchased all three of the kids’ really cool name wall hangings, a “chip cup” for me and Matt received a Starbuck’s ornament.

image image

We all then headed over to my parents to spend the afternoon and open more gifts. It was an awesome time and the kids played for several hours.

image imageKendall unfortunately did not want to go to sleep and with the windows open she used ever sound outside to stay awake. She finally fell asleep around 1am and of course was awake prior to 6am. Haley after getting off work came and spent the night with us so she would not miss any of the fun of Christmas morning.



Christmas morning and most of the day was quiet as the kids played with their new toys, Matt sat up the TV in the playroom that Santa brought and we just relaxed. Unfortunately, that all changed because of a fall my mom took. I ended up spending from 4pm to after midnight at the hospital with my parents till my mother shoulder could be relocated. Thankfully after prayer and waiting, her shoulder is back in place and the doctor is fairly confident that she has no other damage.

Thankful Thursday

I have learned that there is no way that I will remember or have time to post each day even on Facebook what I am thankful for, so I am going to attempt a weekly post for the month of November. My list of  things I am thankful for this week…..

1. My personal relationship with Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.  I am also extremely grateful that he understands that I need reminders that he loves and cares for me and is involved in every part of my life.

2. My husband. We have survived high school twice already so things have to get easier the next three times.

3. My job. I am blessed to be working in the professional field that I love and be able to help support my family. I am also extremely bless to at least work at achieving a work home life balance.

4. My kids… yes all 5 of them.  I seriously thought about using them to fill up the rest of my list but decided I could needed to find more things to be thankful for. I am still very blessed and thankful to watch EACH one grow and mature. They are special in very unique ways.

5. My new van. I really enjoying driving a vehicle that I trust to get me to and from where I am going. I am also so grateful for the little extra like sunroof and heated seats that I would never placed on a list but they are awesome.


5 Things Friday- 10/16


1. We are predicted to have our first heavy freeze/frost this weekend. I am rather sad about this. This evening after dinner, we harvested and frozen any green peppers and basil that could be picked. Tomorrow, the kids are looking forward to harvesting the sweet potatoes. I am also planning to bring in as many tomatoes as can be saved.

2.We have currently gone 5 weeks without using our heat or air. This should bring our October and November Electric bills down to around $200. With temperatures to dip below freezing the next couple of nights. I am not sure how much longer we can enjoy this break.

3.I am so excited and proud to say that both the older girls are  gainful and legally employed.

4. All three of the “little” kids had dentist appointment yesterday. Both Kendall and Zach came away with no cavities and Lily has two small cavities but since they are both on baby teeth, the dentist suggested that we just wait. Zach has already started getting his permanent teeth and they have enamel.  The lack of enamel on most of his baby teeth resulted in $5000 of dental surgery at the age of 2 and we have been anxiously waiting to find out if the permanent teeth would be the same. Zach has the same over crowding issues that both Lily and Kendall have so braces at least once per kid if not twice per kid are in our future.

5.Budget wise for the month we are running fairly close. I  have already over spent the grocery budget. Gas prices in our area, during the past week have ranged from $2.09 to $1.99 with no rhyme or reason for the sudden increases or decreases, because of these sudden changes, our gas budget is going to be a close call and may even involve less driving the final week of October.