Vacation Catch Up

We spent the last week on Oak Island NC. This was a new spot for us and  I am really impressed. So impressed in fact that we have already reserved  a condo in the same building for next year.  Our only complaint this year was the mattress in the condo we had were HORRIBLE!  But on the bright side for the first time in several years, both Amanda and Haley joined us at the beach. Braxton stayed 4 days, Amanda 2 days and Haley 1 day.

We turned the air conditioning up to 80 degrees while we were gone and unplugged all the computers and electronics.   We are hopeful that this saved us some on the electric bill.

We did spend more of vacation. I don’t like to cook or clean on vacation. We did do at least one load of laundry per day.  We purchased heat and eat breakfast items and ate at a restaurant at least one time a day!

Matt, Zach and Tim went deep sea fishing on Wednesday while us girls shopped. We did not expect any benefit from this trip but  we are very pleasantly surprised to have brought home lots of mackerel (King and spotted) for our freezer.  I also stopped on the way home to purchase 3 pounds of freshly caught shrimp to add to our freezer as well.

We arrived home to 20 pounds of tomatoes which is a great surprise considering this will be most if not all of what we harvest this year.   I made 5 batches of spaghetti sauce.  On Sunday, I decided to spread out the sauce, making a baked ziti, 2 baked spaghettis and 2 bags of meatballs along with 5 containers of spaghetti sauce. We also enjoyed the sauce for lunch!

Vacation is the time when all the money saving stops and we enjoyed what we have worked and saved for all year!

Kendall Turns 13!

How do you celebrate a 13 year old girl…. glad you asked! Of course you get dressed and take lots of pictures!

These are called bubble curls and Lily did her hair and took the pictures!

Of course only a couple of special people get to join the fun!

Monday Menu Post

Summer vacation is speeding right along!   And I do mean speeding.  We are now entering week 5 of no oven with still no firm delivery date. I did end up caving last week and had several meal out just because I was tired and did not feel like dealing with stuff. I also blew the grocery budget but I am actually proud of it. We purchased 1/4 of a cow or approximately 150 lbs of meat.  After our purchase we discovered that the wait for processing meat is currently at January 2022.   I feel like we got a great deal and the meat quality is absolutely some of the best we have ever had. This week we are going to focus on not eating out, and Kendall’s birthday!

Breakfast– Saturday-Cinnamon Roll waffles   Sunday- BLTs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday-choice of breakfast muffins, eggs, pop-tarts, sausage, oatmeal, cereal or grits, breakfast burritos, or omelets. Pretty much you find it and make it!  I have a goal of making a batch of breakfast burritos this week but time will tell.

Lunch-  Saturday–Party! Sunday- Red Robbins  We have lots of garden produce from the Farmer’s market along with left-overs for lunch!

Dinner-  Saturday-  small pizza restaurant in Thomasville. It was ok nothing to repeat. .   Sunday-left-overs     Monday-Beef and Broccoli    Tuesday- Pasta salad at swim meet.   Wednesday- Grilled Chicken and salad or grilled veggies.   Thursday- Golden Corral for Kendall’s birthday   Friday-Pizza for Kendall’s birthday.

5 Things Friday- Spending

This will be a little different from my random post of 5 things. This time I am going to tell you 5 things that we have been spending money on this month.

  1. Mattress and box springs for Kendall- Kendall’s antique bed is technically a three quarters bed. It was given to me when I was single and needed a bed. Matt and i have been married 16 years so likely 20 years ago. The same mattress and box springs have been used the entire time.  Definitely time for an upgrade. Total spend $500.
  2. Shoes- We spent most of Sunday shopping. Even needed new shoes. We ended up with the following Matt a pair of dress shoes, Kendall a pair of sneakers and slides, Lily a pair of sneakers and Zach two pair of sneakers. Kendall and Lily both bought themselves a pair of Van shoes as well.
  3. Clothes- Lily will be going to school in January for the first time in 6 years. Kendall is actually taller than me and Zach wanted.
  4. Hair and nails- I ended up with a cut and color this week. In addition I am getting my nails done every 2 weeks over the summer.
  5. Swim stuff- All three kids are swimming this summer. New suits and googles were needed.

Sunday Thoughts

  • We have 22 days of school left. 20 for the kids. I have an additional 2 workdays (Monday June 7th and Tuesday June 8th).
  • Today is Mother’s Day.  My gift was being woken up at 12 am with Zach throwing up.  Lily started getting sick at 2am. I have been up and down with them most of the day. Hopefully no one else will get this lovely bug.
  • On Thursday, Kendall had seizure like activity and was rushed to the Emergency Room. We currently have no answers and lot of questions. She has an appointment on May 19th.
  • I am trying something new and some different recipes this week. I made 2 casseroles that just need to be cooked. I will make a third one on Tuesday so each day will be heat and eat.  I am hopeful that we can add these into the rotation as we are getting bored again of the same food. I am also trying to use up things in my freezers to make room for summer produce.
  •  We have purchased a batting cage for Zach.  The old swing set was taken down and we are currently waiting on rubber mulch to begin installing the cage. He is continuing t make improvements with his skills and really enjoying the game.
  • Matt and I added grids to the garden beds today. We currently have lots of things growing. I am also planning another planting at the end of May to extend the growing session.
  • I decided just this week that I will continue to work in Guam on Sunday nights all during the summer. This will allow me to keep some contacts and also supply the extra money needed for the outside projects we have been working on.