Monday Menu Plan

Menu planning is going to look a little different during the summer. Instead of just sharing what we are eating, I am planning to also share what we are doing in terms of food preparation and storage as well. My goal for this week is to continue to work on cleaning out the deep freezer as well as slower, time permitting start to re-stock some convivence food and of course the ultimate goal of not wasting food.  This morning I have already frozen the remaining strawberries from the fridge.  I made a large pot of rice to use with several meals this week.  I did have a long talk with the kids yesterday about reducing the amount of eating out that we have been completing.  I need to step up my game for breakfast and make sure that we have something plan to grab before heading out especially with taking Zach to camp.

Breakfast- Saturday- Sausage crescent rolls with donuts    Sunday- Left-overs   Monday- Blueberry baked oatmeal (blueberries from garden) Tuesday- banana muffins and maybe apple sauce muffins?     Wednesday sausage and eggs   Thursday- breakfast pizza, Friday- Special treat likely! Which means Biscuit King unless I decide to try a breakfast casserole.

Lunch- Saturday-Hot Dogs    Sunday- Applebee’s    For the week, Lunch will either by left-overs or sandwiches/ roll up or quesadillas .  Today- Monday- I made egg salad with the last boiled egg and eat it with pretzels.

Dinner- Saturday- Left-overs   Sunday- Bacon and Tomato sandwich   Monday- Taco Rice   Tuesday Pasta salad    Wednesday- Sloppy joes. Thursday- Pork stir fry with veggies from garden over rice   Friday-Tortellini Alfredo