Food Lion

Life is in full swing around here and this week I have been able to do something fun. I have been doing a lot of coupon shopping this past week as well as making plans for at least one trip to Harris Teeter next week for Super Doubles starting on Wednesday.

One of the reasons that it can be a challenge to shop and save lots of money in Lexington is the fact that Food Lion is one of 3 “chain” grocery stores; Walmart and Aldi are the others. Food Lion does except coupons but never a double or triple. Most of the time I try to only go to Food Lion once a month or if we need staples without time for a trip to Costco. However, this changed this week, I have made 4 separate trips to Food Lion this week making multiple transactions each time. This week, Food Lion has several deals going on at one time. They have 2 promotions for money off. The first is the store brand promotion in which you receive a coupon for x amount off your next order. The second is called “Big Deal” in which you get 5,10 or 15 off instantly. Finally, like several other stores I have heard they have a buy 3 boxes of cereal and get a free gallon of milk. On Thursday, I took all three kids and spent around a hundred dollars. This does include alot of the food for Haley’s party this week. Matt and I returned Thursday afternoon using his MVP card. We stocked up on bagged Chex mix which was on clearance for 1.25 with 50/2 coupons. I have been using these sales to buy some staples I would normal go to Costco for, buying the store brand and receiving 0.25 off each item. I have stockpiled BBQ sauce and sodas this week as well. I returned to Food Lion on Friday at lunch to grab bread and things needed for dinner. Today, I made a final trip to get milk. My saving today, the only trip I can find all my receipt for was around a 52% savings but the things I purchased today were all things we were out of so I am not too disappointed.

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