Weight Loss 4/27/2014

photoCheck out the 128 calorie salad I made for myself yesterday!

I have been struggling/ignoring/struggling with my weight for my entire life. I will be the first to say that I was never “small”.  After each of the kids were born, I would gain 20 to 30 #.  However I realized over a year ago that I now weight more than I ever have in my life and that was above the 200 pound mark. I struggled most of last year attempting to diet and even began exercising on an semi regular basis.  It was just not working or life happened and I stopped for whatever reason. One of the goals that I have set for this year is to reduce my weight at least to an level that is not considered obese based on BMI scales.  I was able to lose weight in both January and February by counting carbs. In March I sort of staled out again.

I recently had a appointment for my yearly physical which in my case is about once every 2-3 years! We discussed my weight and I discovered that I had also achieved the exact same weight loss last year by July but managed to gain it all back. After some discussion I was given Phebtermine HCL 37.5mg.  I was also given some pretty specific instruction including this is a short term one time application, I have to report biweekly weight, diet of 1200 calories a day and am to monitor my blood pressure EVERY day.  I did some research and I am encountering some of the side effects  however I have lost two pounds in the evening!   I am excited!! One of the ways that I am currently tracking most of the nutritional information, exercise and water consumption is the :My Fitness Pal  app on my phone. I know this will not be easy and I plan to achieve the maximal benefit from this drug so I mostly definitely need to be down in the 100s prior to three months.

After a discussion with Matt, I have purchased several addition things this month including a food scale and lots of green veggies and even some fruit. So I will say that the cost involved is starting to add up so that I am under even more pressure to make this work. But I know long term these cost are necessary! Anyone want to join me?

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