“One Der” Land

If you are a fan of the show “Biggest Loser”, then you totally get the title. If not let me explain a little. “One Der” land is a reference to having your weight fall back into the 100’s which is where everyone should end up.

I have reached that milestone!!!!!!!!!!!!! I talked a little about what I am doing in this post. This week has been a little rough especially with me being sick. I did actually skip the  Phebtermine HCL 37.5mg. on Thursday because I felt so bad.  I have not been to the YMCA to work out in a week, but that hopefully will change as well since as of today, I am feeling much better.  I am averaging a 5# a week weight loss which is awesome but at the same time a little scary for me. I am actually thinking about decreasing my medicine the last month to every other day to hopefully curtail the rebound effect. I also plan to continue counting calories for at least 2 months after finishing to make sure I can maintain the weight loss without additional support.

The good news is that I am not hungry, in fact when I find myself feeling “shaky” I eat a snack to settle down. I have also focused on eating foods that I would normally eat and just eating the correct portions. In the end, this should be easier for me than a lot of dramatic changes that result in instant weight gain!

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