A Dime

My intention was to place a picture of a dime at the top of this post, unfortunately I could not figure out how to do it so just pretend…

I had never really thought a lot about a dime or even find one until the Sunday after Remington’s funeral. My parents (Granny and Paw paw) came over to see the little kids. They had been to the cemetery earlier and were excited upon returning to the car to find a dime in the front seat of the car. Why were they excited? Granny proceeded to tell all of us that she had been told by her mother as a young child that when someone died that if you found money in unexpected place that was a sign from them that first they were safe and happy then secondly that they loved you and wanted you to know this fact. I was kind of skeptic at first. Haley was the first to find her dime, Amanda also found one the next day. Lily found 2 which she happily says it was one for her and one for Kendall. As you can see, we believe that it is a dime that Remington chooses to leave for us. Matt found his first one in the washer. I have currently found 3. The first was on the end table in the living room, the second was at the foot of our bed on the covers and the third was by far the strangest and the most unexplained. I was working with a patient at the nursing home and she decide to remove her jacket. I had her clean out her pocket before folding it up. Her pocket contained 3 things.. a safety pin, a Kleenex and the dime. Patients do not usually have any money with them and a dime what are the odds. I personally don’t believe in odds or fate so this was my sign. We all keep our eyes open for dimes and each one puts a smile on a face as well as a tear in some eyes. Small things help me remember and go on!

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