I am going to use this post as a short catch up list and also some explanations for the future as to the events that have been happening the past week.

First I will not be posting a Monday Menu this week as we will be consuming left-overs and several other meals that have been offered and planned for us.

Last Tuesday night around 11:15pm, I received a call that Amanda and Remington had been involved in an accident. I rushed to the scene. At around 2:00am, Remington was pronounced dead. I am not including any other details at this time due to how this is currently a very sorrowful time and I am also afraid that anything I post could be taken out of context and used in a hurtful manner. When I first started this blog, one of the things I did not think I would have a problem with is total and complete openess. I still do not have a problem with this and but I do have to show discretion to also protect my family. I may at some point in the future include more details of this awful night but they would not add anything to this post.

Over the past 5 days several things have stood out in my mind:
1. My strength and faith remain in the personal relationship I have with Jesus Christ. Without this, I could not have survived any of this.

2. I am blessed with not only an awesome extended family but also an awesome church family. They have picked us up and carried us in loving arms over the past days.

3. The media as a whole are solely concerned with ratings and getting people to watch. Out of the 4 organizations that I have had to talk with last week, only one was human enough to not only honor our wishes but also to remember that we are grieving and not attempt to “imply” anything to make the story more interesting.

4. The kindness of strangers still exists and in my own mind outweighs the evil mentioned above and the evil that is lurking in alot of our society.

5. Life will never again be the same for anyone in this house but not all changes are bad.

6. God is in control………

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