Stop I Want to Get OFF!

This is my exact feeling this week. I have been intending to post since Tuesday when the plan was to do a random post but that didn’t happen and yesterday was Wordless Wednesday that I missed so I am going to share what I have been up to this week.

Monday, Amanda had a doctor’s appointment and we stopped by the store for some veggies to make Tacos with. That evening we moved everything out of our old bedroom, pulled up the carpet and set up a “temporary bedroom.” in the Addition. We started sleeping on the air mattress and so far it is about the same as our old bed.

Tuesday- I spent the entire day except for an hour driving Amanda around while she purchased/leased a car and got insurance. I did go to a job interview, where I accept a PRN position with the hope that I can pick up an additional 10 hours a week this summer to catch up!

Wednesday- I worked 5 hours, came home and went to bed. A summer cold knocked me out and I slept around 12 hours. I do feel better today but not great.

Thursday- I took Angel Food orders at the church while organizing my coupons that I have not worked with since April. I also went to an IEP meeting as a parent advocate for a patient of mine at the hospital. Lily actually sad to me that she “needed a lazy morning to stay at home could we please have one on Friday.” I agree.

Stop world I want to get off and stay at home!

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