Budget Changes!

I have been talking about changing our budget for several months now. One of the major things I was waiting on was the house refinance. One of the biggest changes that I am able to make at this time is how I fund both the gas and grocery budget. In the past, I have split this cost between my two checks, starting in July I will fund both of these up front from my first check in the month! Our new budget starts July 1st and I am trying my best to get everything wrapped up and paid for prior to the end of June.

Here are the new numbers:
Mortgage: $938
Van Payment: $ 345
Pool: $40 (This will cover our yearly dues, in addition to allow for spending money while the pool is open in the summer.)
Clothing: $150 (increase of $50)-growing children is the only explanation I have for this.
Groceries: $700 (increased from $600) I simply can  not feed us for $600 each month.
AAA/Insurance: $72 (increase of $25, to cover new van with additional required insurance.)
Gas: $350 (decease of $50 a month) The rationale behind this was that with the new van, I should be able to reduce the amount of money we are spending each month that are directly auto related. Out of this budget, I do pay taxes on the cars, tags/registration, routine maintence, small repairs and of course gas. I will wait until the end of the year to evaluate this category again.

Look for an update on my goals in the next several days!


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