Thanksgiving- 02/21/2016

Our Sunday School lesson this morning was from Priscilla Shirer, The Armor of God.   I was reminded, ok slapped up side the head, with the truth about thanksgiving. I am so abundantly blessed, that I should never have to think about the things I am thankful for but they should bubble up all during the day. With all things, practice never hurt so here is a short list for today.

  1. The awesome ladies in my class, who are not afraid to be real and who share experience and the idea that we are all sisters of the King.
  2. My new van, which has a nail in the tire but is still driving without any weird movements.
  3. A husband, who is not only available to take the above van to get it fix bright and early Monday morning but who will also fill it with gas before exchanging it for his older van while I am working.
  4. A warm house with an abundance of food and drink. We talked about our first world problems at lunch today.
  5. A job, I enjoy and feel allows me to make a difference, hopefully a positive difference in at least one person’s life daily.
  6. An unexpected free weekend, which allowed me to catch up on several different items and still enjoy some downtime today.
  7. Friends both in real life and on social media who keep me accountable.

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