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I have several “big” goals for this weekend, both in real life and on-line. We are planning to install the back splash for our kitchen. At that point, we will have completed 3 of the 4 planned steps. (The Plan).  The on-line plan is a little bit more complex.  I want to share all the wonderful features of the new kitchen in addition to a ton of features and finally have a post with the entire process via links. This post will hopefully be the first in a series.

We order new cabinets prior to removing the old one. I did not realize how badly damages and nasty aka toxic the old lower cabinets were. We literally used a shovel to remove the floor underneath due to mold and mildew. We were not able to find a cabinet to fill the last five inches before the door frame.  In addition, I regretted losing my spice cabinet. Then I searched pinterest and found the perfect solution.

imageMatt was able to construct this cabinet that perfectly fits in and total spent on it was ZERO!  He used salvaged wood from several other projects in addition to casters from an old television stand. This is my absolute favorite cabinet.

image imageimage

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