5 Things Friday-5/27/2016


  1. I am all ready for a yard sale tomorrow. The current plan is to make a stop at the Goodwill on the way home. We(Matt) have spent the week cleaning out the buildings. I pulled the last couple of boxes out of the attic and the front building is empty as well. I have already made $45 on this yard sale, so my goal is $55.
  2. We are going to call this the summer of lean. I want to really contain our spending.
  3. The garden is still growing and we have gotten a couple squash, I am hoping that we will have plenty to eat and freeze this summer.
  4. Zach has agreed to be on the swim team this year! I love going to swim meets!
  5. My first $50 Disney gift card is in cabinet. This is so exciting!

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