5 Things Friday- Catch Up! 6/17/2016

5thingsfriday-logoRED1. Last Thursday night my mother fell and broke her hip on her amputee leg. I have spent the majority of the past week either at the hospital or talking with some who is at the hospital. Fortunately, she was able to return home last night. I know that the next 3 months are going to be super busy but I am so thankful she is home and not in pain.

2. We did pick up the 120# of chicken on Tuesday. I am planning a post with all the details for this weekend.

3. Lily leaves from her first overnight camp on Monday. She will not return until next Saturday.

4. Zach has been  undergoing some dental work the past couple of weeks. The process is both expensive and emotionally draining.

5. Lily was accepted into a charter school and will begin in the fall.

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