Best Shopping Trip EVER!

imageOur local grocery store is running a promotion that is unbelievable, especially when coupled with a 3 day only sale. Today I spent probably about an hour looking on line and printing coupons from   I did make two trips only because I wanted to make sure the deal work before grabbing so much. The picture above represents a total of $120.  I spent $ 72.30 cash and received $90 in visa gift cards back. I was paid $18 to bring home these items!

The promotion is worded that you must purchase 5 items in a single transaction to receive a voucher. I broke up each transaction into 5 items. I also was able to find coupons for each of the items above except for the Bagel Bites and soups. The bagel bites were $1.68 a package and the soup. $1.89. Each item was a money maker by itself.

As you can probably tell I am excited. This should definitely help keep our grocery budget in tact this month!

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