Saving On Saturday 9/17/2016

sos We have been taking advantage of some really good deals this week. On Thursday, Moes Southwest Grill  offered a free cup of queso with any purchase. Zach decided that he wanted to share everyone food so we purchased lunch for five of us for $19.65. We even had enough queso left over that I have it warming in my dipper slow cooker to enjoy as part of lunch.

Next, the local grocery store has my absolute favorite sale of the year. This particular sale is running for a month this time with different special each week. For each of the house/store/generic brand item you buy you receive a quarter back to use on your next purchase. Initially this sale ran twice a year in January and June, unfortunately for the last two years it is only running once a year. The reason I LOVE this sale is that it is a perfect chance to stock up on items that normally don’t go on sale.  I have discovered via math calculations that I can purchase bread flour, regular flour, and sugar in bulk at a better rate, so I am leaving those out.  The limits of the sale are, you must buy at least 4 house brand items in one transaction and the limit is 40 per transaction.

Here is a breakdown of how I am shopping this sale.  First I checked the pantry for items that I may need. My goal is to have 12 of most items as I “plan” to fix each dish once a month. I don’t stick to this especially if we like something but it at least gives me a plan.  After making the list, I check my price book and/or Aldi to make sure if I can just purchase regular at Aldi at or below the cost.  Next is to check the sale ad to see which if any of the items are on sale for the week. My plan is to only buy items that are on sale or a best deal to round up to even dollar. The remaining items stay on my list and I will wait till the final week of the sale to purchase unless a better price comes first.

Here are the items and transactions I used this week.
Transaction #1
20 boxes of store brank gelatin (jello)  2/$1
10 boxes of pudding                             $0.72 each
5 packets of Gravy                               2/$1  but they only had 3 so the remaining 2 were $0.72 each
5 packets of Ranch Dip                        $1.09 each
Total out of pocket $26.54 and received $10 off next order

Transaction #2
20 cans of Tuna                               $0.78 each
15 cans of can veggies ( 10 mixed vegatables)  $0.68 eacyh
5 boxes of Tea                               $1.58 each
Total out of pocket $23.97  and Received $10 off next order

Transaction #3- This was things we needed and keeping as close to no out of pocket
2 packet shredded cheese     $2.00 each
Gallon of OJ                           $3.89
Packet of Diet Coke (for IBOTTA deal)  $2.50
Packet of Gravy                  $0.50
Total out of pocket $1.25 and received $1 off next order.


Other items that would make good deals if you did not need as much as we do on one item include 2L soda  $0.84 each, packets of Taco and Chill seasoning, and cans of beans for soups and chill.


Let me know if this helped.

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