Interesting Weekend and Other Random Things

  • I was heading home from work on Friday, when I was rear ended at a stoplight.  I ended up with a massive headache and a few paint scratches on the back of the van. Saturday morning my headache was gone. I did start the process of filing a claim to have my van fixed but I have a feeling this may take a long time and more paperwork than I want to complete.
  • Matt and I are continuing to work on earning money using several different apps. This month, we have been cashing out points for gift cards to use for food. One of the biggest expenses associated with our cheer trips is food. We have to eat at least one meal if not two or three each weekend. So far this month, we have use free money to purchase the following:  $15 Taco Bell, $10 Burger King, $25 Papa Johns, $10 Dominos, $25 IHOP and $50 Chills. One of the main reason we have been so successful this month is taking advantage of special sales.
  • Zach and Kendall have three days of school while Lily has four this week. I am working all week but we will start celebrating next Friday night when I get off work.

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