5 Things Friday


  1. This week has been a real struggle for me both physical and mentally. I am exhausted but can’t sleep.
  2. I filed our tax returns last week and are expected to see the refund in the next week. I am grateful to have this process behind me this year and thankful to be able to pay off some of our debt as well.
  3. Lily has a cheer competition on Saturday but otherwise I am planning to enjoy a not so hectic weekend.
  4. The weather is very mild and we spent a lot of time last weekend working outside, in fact the square foot garden is prepared except for adding a layer of wood to make some extra soil base.
  5. The cow we purchase in December is some of the best meat, I have ever eaten. We enjoyed T-bone steaks for Valentine’s Day dinner and they were so tender we could almost cut with a fork.

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