Monday Menu Post -02/20/2017

Crazy busy and what appears to be normal, yes that describes my life these day. This week we add to the normal chaos with me attending a continuing education class on Saturday and Matt work both Friday night and Saturday night.

Breakfast–   Saturday-Biscuits and Gravy. Sunday-Waffles Monday-choices Tuesday-  Choices Wednesday- Baked oatmeal. Thursday-  Scrambled eggs, bacon and biscuits.   Friday- Choices.  Choices include :  baked oatmeal,  eggs, grits, French toast, toast or cereal.

Lunch- Zach and Kendall have sandwiches, chicken nuggets, , homemade lunchable and chips w/salsa. I am taking left-overs this week. Nothing new or exciting here. Except the fact it keeps us from spending money on lunch.

Dinner-  Saturday Fajitas using left over steak and chicken. Dinner- Chicken and Broccoli casserole
Sunday- Lunch- Chicken pie at Mom’s   Dinner- Cheeseburger pizza
Monday- Salisbury steak rice, carrots
Tuesday- Cheeseburger pie
Wednesday-  Sloppy joes
Thursday-  Beef and broccli
Friday- spaghetti or pizza

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