May in Review— April Review just Because

Yes you read that right, I totally skipped/never got around to posting an April in Review. I decided to included both with the best information I have available.  I know that I have some vacation time coming up so I am hopeful to get back on a better schedule. June looks to be a promising month and I am determined to make the best of it!

Debit Reduction:  April- our debt increased by $300.
May- reduction of overall debit by $550. This actually puts our overall debit at less than it was in February so it negated the increase with our payments this month!

Blog Post: April 10
May- 8
Work and our busy schedules have taken over but I am determined to get back on track this month.

Days on Treadmill: April- O
May- 3 days of water walking

Groceries- April – $601
May- $653.62
Both of these were very high spending month of us. Our yearly average is $658 a month and my goal is to reduce this over the summer.

Gas: April-$303.75
May- $275

Earnings:  April $170
May- $200- best month EVER
Matt has been able to earn around $1500 this month through a variety of side jobs and also an upgrade to one of this websites.


As I was typing up this update, I realized that April was a month of complete failure. I did not manage to come close to any of my plans or goals for the month. This is most likely why I did not get around to an update.  I am hoping for more steady progress in the next couple of month

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