5 Things Friday 9/22/2017

  1. Matt has started a part time job.  It is a huge change for us, but so far the first week has not been bad. I am thinking that as long as we all work together it will be a smooth transition.
  2. Kendall is hoping to have her braces removed prior to our trip to Disney, in order for this to happen, we are having new wires and/or tightening every 3 weeks. This time she had a difficult time with the process and is back to eating soft food only.
  3. The temperatures have jumped back in the eighties so our air condition is on. The good news is that our bill for October is down $25 so at least that is helping. Hopefully in the next month we can turn off the air for good.
  4. Lily informed me on Saturday that she only had 3 pair of shorts. We headed to Goodwill and found 5 additional pair for $11.46 a HUGE saving for us.
  5. Zach is playing baseball again so we now added to our schedule 2 games and a practice for the next 6 weeks…. Life is busy!

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