Thursday Thoughts 10/05/2017

  • Yes, this week has been crazy busy, Monday night- Lily had practice, Tuesday night- Lily practice and Zach ballgame, Wednesday night Lily practice and Zach ball game, Thursday night- Lily practice and school night for Kendall and Zach. I also have been working at least 9 hours each day except Thursday to add to the crazy.
  • I was suppose to spend the day with my mom but she asked if I needs some down time today. THANK you Mom!
  • We have decided instead of trick or treating on Halloween, we are going to IHOP to get the kids free pancakes and use our gift card. Please don’t worry the kids will be trunk or treating on Sunday night and I am positive that we will have no shortage of candy
  • We are using a cash envelope system for groceries this month in order to control cost. The only downside is that I can’t fund the envelope until I get paid. We ended up digging up change to purchase sweetener and eggs this week.
  • I am super excited that we order the shirts and materials today to make our matching shirts for our Disney trip and the best part. Zero out of pocket! I can’t wait to show them off.
  • The weather is continuing to be weird, we have not had any rain in 19 days and temperatures ranged from 49 this morning to 80 this afternoon. The house is staying comfortable and I am refusing to use the air any more this year!
  • We ended up doing yard work this morning and I honestly think this is one of the last time we will be mowing grass this year!

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