August in Review

August was stressful, both financially and personally. We weathered a lot of changes. Even with the knowledge that all the changes would eventually be for the better, it was stressful and frustrating. One of my greatest frustrations has been trying to reset/ restart our budget in September. To be honest, this process is not complete so I am very reluctant to share all the details. If things occur as I have been promised by next weekend, I will share our new budget in addition to the changes we have been able to make.
Financial- August was a month of wait and see. All the bills have been paid for the month and we did reduce our overall debit by $200. Alot of planning and preparing and re-thinking has occurred with our budget this month. One of the biggest changes is starting in September we are going to be using a modified cash envelope system.
Grocery budget $475- Total spent $550.  I spent ALOT of time and money on preparing food ahead of time the week prior to starting my new job. I am fully stocked on most items and need only to buy a few things hopefully over the next 3 months. My plan is to raise the grocery budget to $500 and use a 3 month rotation of cash. In other words I will carry any money left in the budget for 3 months before adding to saving or paying on debit. There will be no borrowing for the next month because if the cash is gone, find another idea.
Kid/Summer expenses : We spent our week at the beach with a full day of shopping. I also paid school fees, ($14) and baseball sign up ($90). Lily will start youth theater in September and I expect around $200.
Earned $60- Much lower than other month but we were out of town for a full 7 days with no extra earning potential.

Blogging-12for the month.  A definite improvement that should continue over the next several months.
Exercise- 8 total days for the month. Small improvements are key in this area. I hope to continue this trend but this is heavily dependent on the number of additional hours I pick up with my skype therapy.

We survived the biggest changes that have occurred in our lives, outside of having kids. I am happy with August. We are beginning September with a clean slate and new beginnings that have us set up for success. I am so optimistic and can’t wait to share!

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