Monday Menu Plan 10/29/2018

I see light at the end of the tunnel, our schedule should begin to slow down after this week as baseball season is over. Lily has two weeks until her performance and work is slowing to a normal pace for me. Both Lily and Zach had orthodontic appointments with changes made to their braces so I attempt to keep things soft for a couple of days as well.  You will notice several things different about this plan as we are eating out several times and we need to use up left-overs the other evenings.

Breakfast- Saturday- Pimento cheese and Bacon Biscuits, Sunday-Sausage Cresant rolls  Monday- Bagels  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday- Choice of oatmeal, grits cereal, toast or  eggos waffles.

Lunch-Saturday-Rice Kerola  Sunday-Chicken stew  . Kids have lunch packed including soup, uncrustables and chicken nuggets. I will be eating out on Monday and Friday this week. But plan to take left overs the rest of the week.

Dinner – Saturday-Leftovers  Sunday- hot dog supper at church , Monday-Chicken nugget bowls  Tuesday- left overs   , Wednesday- IHPOP  , Thursday- Hamburgers and French fries Friday-left overs or pizza depending on my mood.

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