Beach Menu Planning

I decided to go ahead and publish my beach menu plan a week early for several reasons. First, this will be an easy way to answer my kids questions of “what are we having for breakfast?” Second, I will be able to pull up and follow the plan no matter where I am at easily. This plan looks a lot different than my usual plans but I hate to cook and really want to enjoy the time at the beach. With a family of our size, it could literally break the bank if we attempted to eat out more than one meal a day.

Sunday is a travel day and will consist of at least two meal on the road and dinner will be left-overs from the first two meals or pasta salad.

Monday- breakfast- Eat out
lunch- Sandwich
dinner-chicken enchilada’s (just need to cook)

Tuesday- breakfast- Sausage cresant rolls
lunch- pasta salad-pre-made

Wednesday – breakfast- Eat out
lunch- Sandwich
dinner-baked ziti- just need to cook

Thursday breakfast- Jimmy Dean Croissants
lunch- hot dogs
dinner-out to eat

Friday breakfast- Eat out or pop tarts
lunch- Sandwich
dinner-Baked potatoes

Saturday breakfast- Jimmy Dean Croissants
lunch- Sandwich or left overs that need to be eaten
dinner-Out to eat

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