Menu Planning Monday

This week is a back to reality sort of week. I start back to work and Lily begins classes on Tuesday. We have decided to change the way we plan and instead of planning a month at a time, we are going to make a list on Sunday and shop from the freezer. This way, we can add and change as the weather and our activities start to change. This week Thursday night is a hectic night with a quick dinner needed. I am also trying out several new to us recipes. Tonight, Monday, the creamy chicken spaghetti was a huge hit!

Breakfast- I have really focused on getting some easy to finish breakfast plans together for the week. Saturday– BLT sandwiches – Sunday-English muffins with choice of egg, sausage or Nutella, Monday- Smoothies for the kids and Matt I have a breakfast burrito. Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, Friday– Choice of breakfast burrito, omelet oatmeal, grits, pop tarts cereal, Lunchable brunch (special treat since the kids are enjoying the last week of summer) or toast. 

Lunch–Saturday-sandwiches , Sunday-Pasta salad    The kids can have a choice of sandwiches, soup, easy pasta or left-overs. I am trying to get my lunch ready the night before so I am no scrambling in the morning. Monday was a grab and go day. Tuesday- Chicken cucumber Ranch wrap, Wednesday- Taco Salad, Thursday-left-overs probably pasta salad. Friday- is my meeting day at work so I eat out.

Dinner – Saturday-left-overs choice  Sunday–Left-overs Monday- Creamy Chicken spaghetti with green beans and garlic toast.  Tuesday– Tacos with choice of hard or soft shell    Wednesday–pork chops Thursday– Chicken filet sandwiches . Friday- Left-overs if any are available or maybe pizza.

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