Recipe Challenge 38,39 and 40

First only 12 more recipes to try and I will have met my goal! WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT! It has been fun trying new things and I am really enjoying trying to find recipes to use the items we have on hand. This week we tried 3 new recipes of which two were definitely to use fresh produce on hand so that it would not go bad!

Garlic Parmesan Sugar Snap Peas- We are definitely coming to the end of growing for our sugar snap peas and I had about three cups sitting in the refrigerator. Kendall is try of eating them raw! These were just ok. Most of them got ate but it is definitely something I would not do again. I used them as a side dish for egg roll in a bowl. Which is also a fairly new recipe that I have made maybe once before. I had purchased an extra bag of cole slaw mix for BBQ chicken salad last week not sure how much I would need. This was a great way to use that bag of mix along with a couple of extra packs of carrots. The egg roll in a bowl, I actually finished for lunch but everyone else thought it was kind of of bland but their favorite part of an egg roll is the outside anyway.

Slow Cooker Pear and Ginger Applesauce The school lunches have significantly improved in both quality and variety for the summer. We are receiving alot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Pears for some reason were the item of the week for the first week. We received a total of 12. Apples appeared to be a runner up as we received 10. We did use most of the apples for fried apples but the second week brought another batch of apples. I decided to try this just to use 6 pears and 6 apples. It is awesome, everyone ate it hot the first day and I have tried it cold the second day. This is a definite repeat when we get more pear. My mother said her pear trees are loaded so this may be something to freeze in the fall.

Cheesy Corn Dog muffins I have actually printed this recipe three times. I discovered when I was trying to organize recipes. I made it on a baseball day! Everyone but Matt seemed to really like them. So I will put them in a repeat stack. They will be a great think to eat at the pool or beach or even in the car as they don’t make alot of mess.

The official count is
Repeating 20
Maybe 8
No 12

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