Recipe Challenge 49 & 50

I usually have a reason for trying most recipes and these two are no different. I am including most of this rationale so in the future I can have a good read and occasional laugh.

I am always on the look out for quick and easy or anything that can be made ahead of time. Chocolate Chip Sheet Pan Pancakes. I actually followed the recipe exactly but they came out a little dry for our taste. Everyone ate them and it was a simple way to make pancakes but just not good enough to try again.

I am not even positive if this counts as a recipe but today (Saturday) we are trying to use items on hand and avoid the grocery store in order to stay under the grocery budget for the month. If we are successful then it will be the first time this entire crazy year! We had been given a baked spaghetti and several containers of what I thought was pasta sauce. My plan was to make a homemade pizza and use the sauce on it along with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. After the dough was made and placed on our pizza pan we discovered the sauce were actually containers of spaghetti noodles and sauce. Zach suggested we just go ahead and add the whole thing to the pizza. We did and it was a HUGE hit. Matt even talked about making this the regular way we make pizza with spaghetti noodles. Double win, no need to purchase or even use our sauce and EVERYONE LOVED the pizza!

The official count is
Repeating 25
Maybe 8
No 17

I am so excited that we should actually finish this challenge with just two more recipes!

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