Recipe Challenge COMPLETE #52

WOO HOO  I did it!  I have tried 52 new recipes this year!   Today I decided to go ahead and try the last recipe that I have pulled out. Greek Yogurt Bagels!  I did not expect much and was just really trying to use up some Greek Yogurt from the refrigerator. I was almost certain this would not be a repeat because Matt is a bagel snob!   It was just too simple no para boiling, no lengthy process too simple.  I made the first batch before dinner with the intention of maybe having one for breakfast.   But wait, EVERYONE loved these, in fact the only real suggestion was that we add salt to the top of the next batch!!!  After Lily ate the only remaining one for her dinner, I decided to go ahead and make a double batch, this way we could all have one for breakfast in the morning!  I am so excited because these are super easy and really good!   I would even consider making these once or more a week if needed!   Not only is the Recipe challenge complete in September but  I have about at least 20 new foods to add to the rotation!

The official count is
Repeating 27
Maybe 8
No 17

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