Recipe Challenge #59

We are in a sort of weird place this week.  After eating at Disney for a week, I did not have a plan for meals this week and really am just trying to keep thing real and finish up things.  Yesterday, Monday 28th was not a good day and hitting the deer added to my lack of time.  I really did not know what was for dinner and had not even pulled anything out of the freezer.  My mom decided to hang out from the time she picked up Lily until dinner and was scrolling Facebook when she found this recipe and shared with me .  Cowboy Casserole aka Tator Tot casserole. In fact she did not share the site just the recipe.  Since I definitely did not want chicken for dinner. I rummaged through the freezer and found our last pack of raw hamburger meat.  This is a definite maybe as Kendall and Zach and Granny all liked and the rest of us were like ok.  I am also going to try one more recipe this year in order to make it an even 60.

The official count is
Repeating 30
Maybe 10
No 19

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