Recipe Challenge

I did not set an specific recipe goal for this year just because I have so much else I want to work on. But I am still working through some recipes that I have print. And of course I am always printing more.

We have actually found several that are definite repeats.

First is the batter for fried green beans.
1 cup beer or white claw
1 cup self-rising flour
salt and pepper.
This is one I discovered by accident. I need to use up some fresh green beans that I had purchased.  The first batch I used a bottle of beer. The second batch I used lime white claw instead and it was actually even better!

Next up are Egg and Potato Breakfast muffins of course from one of my favorite food sites. Matt helped me make these last week due to our busy mornings that I just can’t seem to get ahead of! Of course getting up an hour early is not an option either. We have a batch in the fridge for the grab and go needs around here.

Last is Philly Cheese Steak Casserole- I used some left-over steak to make this. Matt described it best. It is not bad and I am glad you used up all the stuff we had to make it but it is definitely not something I would make again.

For the next couple of weeks- we are using what is in the freezer. Do you have a great recipe for pork chops?


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