Monday Menu Plan

One week to SUMMER!   This should be the ending to a crazy busy school year and the start of a moderately crazy busy summer!  This week, I am definitely in survival mode. I did have time on Saturday to put together a couple of pasta dishes for dinner.  Tonight I managed to make a couple of salads for my lunches for the next couple of days.  To be honest this might be the last Monday Menu plan for the summer. As I am going to try and use what we have and what I am in the mood for that day! It may change to a what we ate last week post as well.

Breakfast- Saturday- Biscuit King    Sunday-  Bacon and biscuits Monday- Tuesday- , Wednesday, Thursday and Friday- eggs, sausage, bagels, bacon, grits, breakfast burritos or waffles are the current choices available.

Lunch- Saturday-Left-overs   Sunday- Don Juans  I have two salads the kids will eat out one day and figure out something the rest of the time.

Dinner- Saturday- Baked Chicken Alfredo   Sunday- Arby’s   Monday- Pumpkin Pasta   Tuesday sloppy joes   Wednesday- Taco pasta . Thursday- ???? who knows   Friday-Rehearsal dinner

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