Gardening Update

Yesterday was a huge day in the area of gardening around here.  I up potted all of my tomato plants. This is the first time I have ever felt the need to do this and hopefully it will be huge boost.  We also moved all the peppers and tomato plants out to the greenhouse. I did check on everything this afternoon and so far, so good.   I just checked the weather and hopefully we will be able to keep everything alive and it will grow grow grow.

I have not had any germination on the snap peas I planted about two weeks ago, however we have been having a swing in temperatures from 80 to 30 in a 24-hour period.  Once the weather starts to even out things should get better. Our last predicted frost date is April 20th, but we usually have at least one night of frost in May. I am going to wait until the first of May and then decided when to plant things.

I was excited to find that a couple of garlic plants have started. This is a totally new thing for me so anything is more than I have ever had.  I planted the broccoli outside  and lost two plants in the process.

Current Plant Total
15 lunch box peppers (one additional sprout)
2 wax peppers
16 bell peppers (10 of the 12 I started germinated)
21 Roma tomatoes (plus1)
14 Slicing tomatoes (plus 2)
3 cherry tomato (plus 1)
5 Cherokee Purple Tomato (plus one)

My goal is to post again in 2 weeks so we can compare to see what has survived in the greenhouse!

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