Sunday Garden Update

I am so excited we have things growing in our garden. We were able to bring everything out of the greenhouse and get in the dirt by the end of the day. I think we only lost a couple of pepper plants.  Unfortunately, the two wax pepper plants that I started may or may not survive. They suffered a watering crisis but we planted them out just because we have hope! They are in the bottom row left corner bucket. This bucket garden also has 4 Cherokee purple tomatoes, one was sent to my mother. And one of our two surviving cherry tomato plants.

In total we have 21 Roma tomatoes and 13 slicing tomato’s.  We did end up purchasing a cattle panel to use in the second tomato bed. I am anxious to see how well the tomatoes grow and produce this time.

The greenhouse turned out to be an awesome way to start peppers! This just makes me happy!

We currently have    2 banana peppers (purchased)
24 green peppers (purchased 1)
12 lunch box peppers.
The bed in front of the house has one cherry tomato, one slicing tomato, along with one pepper plant. The snap peas are beginning to reach the trelis and the broccli is getting bigger. I am doubtful that I get anything usable from this but.

In the above beds I have plants about 100 basil plants and 18 green bean plants.  I am also doubtful that any basil plants grow.

We currently have 27cucumber plants!  Including one that has self seeded in the pepper bed!

I purchased 4 yellow squash plants.   I also planted 4 or 5 zucchini seed. Only two of the zucchini seeds have sprouted. .

I saved cantaloupe seeds from last year and they have sprouted!  I will be transplanting about half to another bed to see which grows better.

I purchased 5 watermelon starts so hopefully they will grow as well!

This is the most germination and time I have spent on gardening so I am hoping for a huge pay off. Stick around to see where the garden takes us this year!


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