Low Country Boil-Young version

-Fill a large (extra large) pot half way with water, add enough Old Bay seasoning to change the water color and bring to a boil
– Put whole potatoes in-enough for each person to have 4 depending on the size (We ended up eating maybe 2 each.)Cook 10 minutes
-Put corn in- I cut up regular corn in half from the freezer, enough for 2-3 halves per person. Cook 10 minutes.
– Put in cut pieces of sausage- 3-4 pieces per person. I used two kielbasa from Costco. Cook 10 minutes.
-Add more Old Bay seasoning if you want
– Put in shrimp. I used 2 bags with approximately a pound each. This was the perfect amount! Cook until shrimp turn pink!

I poured through a strainer and put on platters, of course you are suppose to dump on top of newspaper outside.