Taco Rice

Taco Rice

Recipe By   : 30 Day Gourmet
Serving Size : 6
Categories  : beef, ground
——– ———— ——————————
1   pound     ground beef,
1   cup      onion — diced
1   package    taco seasoning mix
1   16 oz. can  tomatoes — diced
2   cups     rice — white, or brown
2   cups     cheddar cheese — shredded

ASSEMBLY Brown meat and drain. Combine meat, onion,  taco seasoning packet,
cooked rice and tomatoes in saucepan. Simmer  until thick – about 30 minutes.
FREEZING & COOKING Cool, label, and freeze in bags or rigid  containers. Also
freeze a ziptop bag with 2 cups of shredded cheese for  each meal.
TO SERVE: Thaw completely. for taco salad, warm over  medium heat. Serve with
lettuce, taco chips, tomatoes, sour cream and  the enclosed cheese.


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