Recipe Challenge #11

Lunch is one of the hardest meals for us. For me, I am a weather eater, if it is warm, I want something cool but definitely nothing steaming hot. In the cold, I can eat soups and heat up left-overs without a problem. To add to the complexity of the situation, I try to limit the amount of bread, I eat on a regular basis. I am a big girl, don’t need all the starch or calories. I saw the recipe for these Ham and Cheese roll up several weeks ago an saved for later. This weekend, the temperature have been in the 80″s, I decided to try and make ahead for my lunch this week. I added the lettuce to the roll up for this week but since I ended up with 5 separate wraps I decided not to add to the others. After slicing into pinwheels, I froze the extra for either this summer or another day that I need some cool lunch. I ended up eating the end of each wrap for my dinner!

The verdict is a resounding YES! Kendall even tried one of the ends and was like these are awesome. They will be a pool staple and something easy to take when traveling as well! Ham and Cheese roll ups are a definite repeat!

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