Monday Menu Plan

This week the focus is on using up left-overs. We still have a refrigerator full of leftovers in all forms and fashion.  We also have not cooked any meat since Thanksgiving Day. We have been working on eating what we have.  Turkey sliders, leftover sandwiches and ham bone soup have all been on the menu this weekend. On Sunday, my goal was to get several meals that are really easy to complete while using the leftovers that we have. I feel successful as we have four meals planned and mostly prepped for the week.  I am also very doubtful that we will be completely finished with these leftovers at the end of the week.

Breakfast- Saturday-leftover eggs, sausage and waffles   Sunday-Sausage patties.  Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Friday- find it oatmeal, omelets cereal and milk, French toast sticks, bagels, breakfast burritos and pancakes. Thursday- homemade bagels or baked oatmeal.

Lunch- Saturday-Leftovers sandwiches   Sunday-Christo’s    Monday- Instant pot hamburger helper   Tuesday- hambone soup    Wednesday- leftover something.   Thursday- Leftover soup again    Friday- out to eat.

Dinner- Saturday-Turkey Sliders    Sunday- Ham Bone Corn Chowder, Monday Turkey pot pie and potato salad Tuesday- Leftover Mexican soup from last week.  Wednesday-Ham and broccoli casserole Thursday- Full Thanksgiving meal (I need to make stuffing and cranberry sauce).   Friday-  I am thinking about a turkey soup of some kind.

Saving on Saturday

This is the Saturday after Thanksgiving so today is definitely different than most Saturdays! But here are a couple of ways we are saving today.

  1.  I have pressure canned 15 quarts and 2 pints of turkey stock.
  2. We are eating left-overs in various ways and forms.  Leftover sandwiches have been the biggest hit, but I made turkey sliders for dinner today which were also good.  My goal is to base the menu plan next week on what is still in the fridge instead of shopping in the freezer so stay tune for Monday!
  3. We are using the decorations that we already have. I did spend $37 on new sheets for my bed. And I placed an Amazon order for tent stakes and ways to connect the lights to Alexa.  Total holiday decoration spending $70! I did decide to use the same tree as last year and we dug out more lights that have been sitting in the box for years instead of purchasing more!
  4. My goal is to limit spending for Christmas this year as we prefer to spend time together and have lots of experiences.  I “need” to order one more gift, purchase gift cards for my nieces and purchase the experience for Amanda which is likely around $250 in order to complete Christmas shopping!
  5. My plan is to limit Grocery spending in the month of December to items we need for celebrating. Then for January, February and March only purchase items we are completely out of and eat on a regular basis. I am thinking diary and fruit will be the main items.

Thanksgiving Thankfulness

Yes, it has been an entire week since I have blogged. I have been very busy and stressed over the past week. The good news is that I am finally caught up at work. I am so very thankful for this!!!!

I am also thankful this week for my family!  We have all been together these past two days. We have been enjoying food and fellowship.  Last night we had a Mexican night with lots of good food! We ended the night on the deck with a small fire pit.

I am also very thankful that we have the means to run out to the store and grab last minute things like marshmallows without it stressing us out!

I am thankful that the kids are all enjoying just being together and enjoying reasonable conversation!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful a supportive and helpful family.  This has been one of the busiest weeks at work for me  with after school meeting on three days.  Everyone has stepped up to help. Lily, Kendall and Zach all agreed to be in charge of diner one evening. The did an excellent job. Matt has been helping with orthodontist appointments, and other errands that I simply do not have time for!

I am also thankful for my co-workers who have stepped up and helped with covering my caseload and getting my testing scored. It is so nice to work with people who respect and support you even in the midst of their own chaos!

Tuesday Thoughts on Christmas

Thanksgiving and Christmas are my two favorite holidays!   I love celebrating with lots of food, family and fun.   This year, I am excited not only for food, family and fun but also a Disney trip and family pictures!  This trip is a combination birthday and graduation trip for Lily.  It is a girls only trip that includes flights in both directions!

In the past, I have always begun buying Christmas gifts in January and honestly by this time most years I am pretty close to finishing up the shopping.  Lots and lots of gifts are usually a party of this holiday. I can even recall a Christmas where the girls each opened a gift every day in the month of December. This year is different.  I started thinking and talking about how I wanted to give gifts last year. My kids are all teens and older which means they have very expensive taste. They also have all been able to save and purchase expensive items during the year.  We are also a family that enjoys traveling.  In the past year, we have been on a trip to Oak Island, two trips to Myrtle Beach, a trip to Asheville and 2 trips to Disney.   During each of these trips, I have enjoyed buying items for the kids both needed and wanted.   How does this relate to Christmas?  I made the decision that instead of buying alot of gifts, or even buying large items that I would prefer to use money for more trips and entertainment.  For the kids at home, Lily, Zach and Kendall, they each will receive one Christmas present.  We already have a weeklong trip planned to Disney at Easter and a weeklong trip planned for Oak Island in July.  Zach and Kendall are both involved in sports, and I have been willing and able to purchase items above and beyond the requirements.  Things such as hoodies and pants with fancy mascots and such.  For Lily, she has lots of graduation items, extra clothing and a extra Disney trip.   Amanda has requested and will receive season pass for her family to the zoo.  Haley’s family decided they would enjoy a trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.    These gifts are all great options and things that I would normally not give at Christmas but sometimes simpler is better.

I LOVE family pictures!   I will always treasure the last set of family pictures taken in November 2016 with my dad’s death in February 2017.  I am still not ready and don’t know that I will ever be ready for “Young Family Pictures” again.  I am grateful that my mom understands and respects this. But I am ready and excited about my family pictures. The last time we have pictures made Braxton was 4 weeks old.  We have added Haley’s entire family and Braxton is 4.  The plan is for pictures over Christmas when everyone is here.  I was able to purchase all the boys’ shirts at Belk’s!   This is going to be awesome.

Christmas and Thanksgiving both look different this year, but I am excited for simple and less gifts!



Monday Menu Post

This week I have several after school meeting that will put me home at the same time as dinner. I decided that each of the kids could take a evening to cook dinner. This makes things much easier on me. I do not have a plan for Friday because it will either be soup from the freezer or leftovers depending on my mood. Next weekend I am planning to start working on Thanksgiving appetizers and desserts, so Friday is an easy no brainer.

Breakfast- Saturday-Bacon, pancakes, eggs and toast   Sunday-Left-over Pancakes Monday-Zucchini Bread Tuesday Wednesday and Friday- find it oatmeal, omelets cereal and milk, French toast sticks, bagels, breakfast burritos and pancakes. Thursday- homemade bagels or baked oatmeal.

Lunch- Saturday-Left-overs   Sunday-Olive Garden    Monday Olive Garden take and go lunches.   Tuesday- left over stuffed green pepper for me and burger for Matt.    Wednesday- soup for me and left-over Olive Garden for Matt.   Thursday-veggie plate for me and burger for Matt    Friday- out to eat.

Dinner- Saturday-Left-over    Sunday- Bacon Cheddar Burgers,   Monday Cube Steak and mashed potatoes. Tuesday- Kendall is cooking chicken nuggets and mac and cheese.   Wednesday-Lily is cooking (she will decide that day) Thursday- Zach is cooking Mexican rice and taotais   Friday- ????

5 Things Friday

  1. Today is Veteran’s Day. We are being blessed by several friends and family members who have served in the military. So, it is important to us to say, “Thank you” and WE LOVE YOU!
  2. I had the day off work!  This is actually the first day that I have been at home since school started. Labor was spent in Florida and was a busy but fun time. Both the car and the Tahoe needed services appointments today and Zach had a doctor’s appointment.  Busy day off!
  3. We also experienced the second Tropical Storm this year. Not as much wind but several inches of rain have fallen. At least this time we have the automatic chicken door, so we did not have to worry about being outside.
  4. I have spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen today. I did go and purchase breakfast this morning. But I made stuffed green peppers for lunch.  For dinner Matt picked up a rotisserie chicken from Costco but I am a squash casserole, sweet potato casserole, stuffing and parmesan broccoli. This should give us several meal for the weekend. The chicken bones and skin are already in the crockpot for chicken broth that I plan to can tomorrow!
  5. It is snow village weekend!  The goal is to have the snow village assembled by Sunday! Here is a preview!

Thankful Thursday

This week I am going to start by being thankful for my job!   I have been in the Occupational Therapy field for 30 years now!  I was very fortunate to discovery this profession as a high school junior in Health Occupations!

I have been working in Davie County Schools for the past 4 years. I work with an amazing group of Christian friends!   Being honest, this is likely the most stressful first nine weeks since I switched to Davie County School but I have survived and am reminded almost daily that what I am doing is making a difference!  I absolute love working with the students and my current plan is to retire from Davie County School in 15 or so years!

Monday Menu Post

November of this year is a rare month. We do not have any games or sports practices to interfere with dinners for the entire month! I am also actively trying to keep our grocery budget as low as possible to help save money for gifts.

Breakfast- Saturday-Bacon, eggs and toast   Sunday-Tator Tot Breakfast casserole    Monday-Bagels Tuesday- Croissants, Wednesday Thursday and Friday- find it oatmeal, omelets cereal and milk, French toast sticks, bagels, breakfast burritos and pancakes.

Lunch- Saturday-Left-overs   Sunday-Mexican Restaurant    Monday-Left-over pepper steak for me .  Tuesday- left over chicken and dumplings   Wednesday- Arby’s   Thursday-lunch out   Friday- sandwich or left-overs!

Dinner- Saturday-Church dinner    Sunday- left-overs   Monday Grilled chicken and pasta salad Tuesday- Walking Tacos   Wednesday-spaghetti    Thursday- Cheeseburger pizza   Friday- Beef stew (new recipe)

Yeap this is doable!