April in Review

April was a really fun month. We started it off at Disney so how can I complain? I did come home with a nasty cold which put me out for the first two weeks of the month.  This month I have also been dealing with increased pain due to my psoriatic arthritis.  My insurance stopped paying for Humera and it took almost a full month to get the new prescription.   I am hoping it will help and I can get back to life. 

Groceries- Budget $975/ $450   $ 945.76 Goal Met! By the skin of my teeth! 

Auto/ Gas. Goal -= $600.  Goal Met!  We have spent $257.17 without gas to and from Disney. Including Disney gas we ended up at $750. 

Blogging- 15 posts per month. 4 posts this month. Yeap a struggle.  I knew this was low but wow this may be the least ever. 

Exercise-We walked a total of 25 miles at Disney. I have not been able to walk since.  Better things are coming once I get all my medications fixed. 

Earn extra money: a $50 gift card from Fetch.  They moved the goal but I was able to cash in for a $50 gift card to Amazon!   I will only go for $10 in the future as it took me a year to earn this card.

TIME for Summer Goals
1. Kitchen Floor
2. Bathroom Floor (Matt responsible)
3. New to me car
4. Back Deck?  Redo  if possible
5.  Purchase and process a whole cow including canning broth and ground hamburger
6. Restock freezer with 100 meals and at least 50 breakfast burritos and 52 packs of bagels.

Sounds like I am going to be super busy!

Sunday Garden Update

I am so excited we have things growing in our garden. We were able to bring everything out of the greenhouse and get in the dirt by the end of the day. I think we only lost a couple of pepper plants.  Unfortunately, the two wax pepper plants that I started may or may not survive. They suffered a watering crisis but we planted them out just because we have hope! They are in the bottom row left corner bucket. This bucket garden also has 4 Cherokee purple tomatoes, one was sent to my mother. And one of our two surviving cherry tomato plants.

In total we have 21 Roma tomatoes and 13 slicing tomato’s.  We did end up purchasing a cattle panel to use in the second tomato bed. I am anxious to see how well the tomatoes grow and produce this time.

The greenhouse turned out to be an awesome way to start peppers! This just makes me happy!

We currently have    2 banana peppers (purchased)
24 green peppers (purchased 1)
12 lunch box peppers.
The bed in front of the house has one cherry tomato, one slicing tomato, along with one pepper plant. The snap peas are beginning to reach the trelis and the broccli is getting bigger. I am doubtful that I get anything usable from this but.

In the above beds I have plants about 100 basil plants and 18 green bean plants.  I am also doubtful that any basil plants grow.

We currently have 27cucumber plants!  Including one that has self seeded in the pepper bed!

I purchased 4 yellow squash plants.   I also planted 4 or 5 zucchini seed. Only two of the zucchini seeds have sprouted. .

I saved cantaloupe seeds from last year and they have sprouted!  I will be transplanting about half to another bed to see which grows better.

I purchased 5 watermelon starts so hopefully they will grow as well!

This is the most germination and time I have spent on gardening so I am hoping for a huge pay off. Stick around to see where the garden takes us this year!


Sunday Garden Report

I am very happy to report that our greenhouse worked very well while we were in Disney. We came back to healthy and growing plants. We have continued to leave things in the greenhouse until I was a bit more comfortable with no frost or freeze. The predicted last frost date is April 24th. I have been stalking the weather and with no temperatures below 40 in the next 2 weeks, I wanted to get started!  This week, I have been focused on getting some seeds in the ground in order to give them a good start. I have planted cucumbers, basil, zucchini and cantaloupe from seed.  I also purchased flowers, a few strawberry plants and herbs over the last week. The green stalk containers are starting to look pretty.

Yesterday, I was able to get 20 Roma tomato plants and 1 cherry tomato plant in the ground as well.  I want to remember that I need 22 Roma tomato plants for next year to completely fill the long bed.  I was pleasantly surprised to have 4 more Roma tomato plants that what I had counted before we left. I am hopeful that this trend continues! The goal is to get all the tomatoes and peppers planted in the ground by next Saturday unless of course a chance of frost pops up!

We have spent some money on the garden this year. I spent $85 in Mocksville at the farm stand and $21 at the Lexington Farm stand.  Last Sunday, we purchased a new pear tree, a new blueberry tree and a load of dirt for a total of $124.  Last night we also spent another $75 at Home Depot for some supplies such as ant killer and weed killer. This brings our total to $305 currently.  In order to plant the regular tomatoes we have decided to purchase a cattle panel to use as trellis.  I am hoping to keep the total cost to under $400 which is half of our grocery budget for the month.  If we can produce enough salsa and spaghetti sauce for the year then this is a huge money saver!

Hopefully next week we will have a recap of all the numbers and compare to what I thought we started with!

5 Things Friday Catch up Edition!

  1. Our Disney trip was AWESOME!  We enjoyed Easter Sunday with David and Haley at the Beach.  David and Haley also joined us and Braxton for a couple of days of Disney fun!   We were able to enjoy the campground and have discovered that Hoop De Doo Review is our favorite show!   We are also learning that sticking with what we know we like is maybe better than trying all the things.  This was our first and last trip to Steakhouse 71, burnt steak is not acceptable on any level.  Although it was suggested that we go for breakfast so maybe!
  2. I came home on Sunday feeling absolutely miserable! I walked inside, took a shower and went to bed. I had a cough that lasted for 10 days.  I still have a cough, but it is much better. I was discussing with Matt that I have been sick more and worse this year than I can ever remember.
  3. I still LOVE the camper.   Side note, it took us a full week to actually get it cleaned out this time.  However, I can say it is definitely our money pit. Each time we take it out we end up needing to replace some items.  This trip, the toilet has to be replaced.  It is leaking water both in the bowl and on the floor. Matt has already replaced the seal, so the full thing is replaced this time. We also have to replace a taillight that cracked and the latch on the screen door.  Sunday morning before leaving we discovered that a light bulb needed to be replaced!   Next up will likely be the door!
  4. Because of being so sick on the way home, it has taken almost a full two weeks for me to catch up on everything including blogging!  Now I can begin my count down to summer. Technically, we have 8 weeks left in the school year with 5 of actual treatment.
  5. I have been super busy this week, working on getting the garden planted. We or I should say Matt worked hard before we left, and the greenhouse worked like a charm!  I will be planting out all the tomatoes and green peppers in the next week depending on the weather.