Recipe Challenge 14 and 15!

I did it! I have finally caught up with the challenge. We are fifteen weeks into 2020 and I have tried 15 new recipes. The even better news is that I plan to try recipe number 16 for Easter morning breakfast. I did go back to get the official count and it is much better than I had thought. We had just two solid NO. Five recipes were a maybe with probably three of those really a no and 6 YES! This is definitely an area/goal for the year that I can say Covid-19 has helped me improve on and met. Both of these recipes are from my favorite food blog Lynn’s Kitchen Adventure

For dinner on Friday, we had Chicken Bacon Lo Mein. I need to first admit that I messed up. When reading the recipe I was sure that it would not feed the five of us even when adding egg rolls. I decided to double the recipe. The good news is that everyone LOVED this recipe, so even with the extra 4 meals it made, I am sure it will get eaten. I will add that this recipe required a lot more effort that I usually put into a dinner meal. I actually ended up recruiting both Kendall and Matt to help bring it all together. Everyone ate and enjoyed it so it will be a repeat just not doubling the recipe!

For breakfast this morning, I made a French Toast Casserole. Matt had made a loaf of homemade bread last Sunday because we were out of bread. About half of the bread was eaten before I went to the store on Wednesday and found several bread items on sale. The homemade bread was still sitting on the counter so I wanted to do something to use it up. We had a gallon and another one fourth of a gallon of milk and over three dozen eggs left so of course French toast was the answer. This was a quick easy recipe that I put together on Friday night and then Zach started the oven this morning. It was a hit, my family did say they preferred real French toast but for the amount of work vs the result this is definitely the way to go!

Official Results after these recipes: Yes 8, Maybe 5 and No 2

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