February in Review

February was an extremely busy month. I worked an additional 60 hours in Guam. This meant that everyone has stepped up and is doing lots of extra stuff around the house. February has brought lots of rain. But the good news is that I have finally decided a plan for the square foot garden which will increase my overall growing space, raise the beds and make it pretty. This will be an intense time consuming project but I am very excited by it.

Groceries– budget amount is $650.   We have actually spent $599.71. This is not as low as I had hoped but still a full $50 under budget. I am only planning to purchase needs in March and then use the rest of the money for food in Disney.

Auto/ Gas / Insurance: . My goal is  $400 a month.  The price of gas has significantly (60 cents a gallon) increased over the past 2 weeks.  We are also driving to work and school five days a week. total for the month is $280.69 so well under budget. Next month will bring oil changes to both vehicles. So I anticipate the amount to remain under budget but not by much!

Cash Envelope system- GOAL Met!   We are continuing to use this system. I was able to pay an additional $500 on our Disney trip this month but also covered the cost of the repair of the washer.  Both Matt and I got paid this past week so the envelopes are back to zero. Any money saved this month is spending money in Disney.

Goal #4- Blogging- 15 post per month.  This is post number 6 for the month. See explanation from  above

Goal # 5- Fitness– Goal is to exercise of some type at least 10 days a month.   Nope not even close

Goal #6 – Bible study- Goal-  Read or Listen to the entire Bible in a year.  I have been listening to a podcast every day that I drive to work. I should be able to listen to the entire session by June.!

Earnings- $25 in gift cards

No Spend Days- another fail

March is going to be a month of financial change for us. We are in the process of re-financing our mortgage to drop the interest rate again. We are also considering rolling some other debit in the re-financing so I will explain everything once it is settled.  March should be fast and busy but the Disney count down is on so I am excited!!!!

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