5 Thing Friday 8/18/2017 Square Foot Garden

  1. Overall, I have been really disappointed in the amount of vegetables that we have been able to harvest from the garden this year. But each time, I say that or think about it, I realize that we have not had an abundance but we did harvest enough. We have enough diced tomatoes to last till next summer in addition to 4-5 containers of spaghetti sauce.  We have had enough cucumbers to enjoy in salads but not enough to make relish. We have enough squash frozen for the entire year. We also definitely have enough peppers. I am beginning to wonder if this is not something that we need to learn. Enough is enough to be thankful for.
  2. We did not harvest any corn this year. After two years of very poor performance, I know that we need to move this to a different bed. I am not sure if it is the seeds or the soil or a combination of both that is the problem. I do have enough seeds in the freezer to try again next year so I am going to try to corn in both the “squash bed” and in the long front bed.
  3. We have really enjoyed the watermelon from the garden. The watermelon have been small in size but we are definitely keeping the watermelon in the same spot for next year. Currently, we have eaten 6 watermelon and have 4 more ripening.
  4. I am really disappointed in the amount of tomatoes so I am going to try a different bed with the tomatoes as well. Currently, I am thinking that I will plant tomatoes in the corn bed, using large tomato cages to support the growing vines.
  5. The biggest surprise this year from the garden has been the pimentos. I planted one plant on a whim. We are really enjoying homemade pimento cheese spread. Next year we will definitely double if not triple the number of plants.

On a side note, I am hoping that I can locate this post next spring before planting!


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