Monday Menu Planning 2/25/2019

Heading toward the end of the month, I want to focus on a couple of things. First, I have spent less than $100 on groceries during the month of February! This balances out for $800 I spent in January. I have a week of break at the end of March and I will be doing lots of re-stocking which means probably a fair amount of expense. My goal over the next 4 weeks is to only buy “needs” For example, today I am stopping by Aldi to grab some cucumbers and tomato for salad and taco Tuesday and some cabbage to make a slaw.   Second we are increasing our schedule with baseball practice 2 days a week until games start and then it will be one or two games a week with practice on Saturdays.  Finally after eating out for several meals this weekend we NEED to clean out some left-overs. 

Breakfast- Saturday– Bacon and egg salad sandwhiches Sunday-Sausage cresent rolls (frozen mix) and orange rolls  Monday- Kids and Matt had left-over cinnamon rolls  from IKEA and I had pesto eggs. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday– Choice of  left-over baked oatmeal, eggs, oatmeal, grits, cereal,or toast. 

Lunch–Saturday-Egg Rolls   Sunday-Wednesday   Monday– Left-overs for everyone  Tuesday– Chicken salad wrap for me  Kendall and Zach have chicken nuggets , Wednesday-Thursday and Friday- uncrustables for the kids. I have a salad for one day and left-overs.

Dinner – Saturday-Ladies Banquet and pizza for the boys.  Sunday–Chinese  Monday-Shepherd pie (we had oyster stew on Friday) . Tuesday– Soft tacos   Wednesday–Left-overs including choice of meat and veggies to clean out fridge.  Thursday– KFC bowls  Friday- Shrimp fettuccine alfredo

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