Monday Menu Planning

Now I get to start to reap the benefits of all the cooking and planning this summer. Today, EVERYONE is back on a regular work and school schedule. We are going to start adding activities over the next several weeks so this is really a slow week for us. It was so nice to be able to come up with a meal plan for the week in less than 10 minutes on Saturday.

Breakfast- Saturday,- steak and gravy biscuits. Sunday, Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, Friday– Choice of breakfast burrito, omelet oatmeal, grits, pop tarts cereal, Lunchable brunch French toast or toast. 

Lunch–Saturday-left-overs , Sunday-Stuffed Green Pepper Soup.     Zach is taking lunchables and Kendall is doing a mix of dipping days, sushi, uncrustable and a sandwhich. I am eating out quite a bit this week as we have not started a regular school schedule. Once I return to a regular schedule, I will eat out only one day a week.

Dinner – Saturday-Spaghetti with fresh pasta sauce  Sunday–Chill cheese fries. Monday- Broccoli chicken casserole.  Tuesday– Nachos   Wednesday–Country Style Steak in crockpot Thursday– Pulled pork in crockpot . Friday- Pizza for Zach’s birthday party.

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