How I Spent my Saturday

The kids and I spent most of yesterday working on my snow village. This is a photo heavy post if you ever wondered.

I had already done some preparation work and cleared a spot in my bedroom and go the ladder ready.

But then Lily and I decided that we would display the snow village downstairs in the living room this year! This way it would all be close together with a small shelf of houses one side of the television and the ladder on the other side!

The biggest job is to get all the houses arranged and cords hidden.

Finally we added the people and the trees!

This is a shelf that just sort of happened but it turned out awesome!

The Disney shelf. Lily hand painted the present boxes out of Styrofoam so they would hold my six cent Welcome signs!

The tacky house shelf!

These are not real snow village houses but they fit in perfectly!
The Ice skating scene has it’s own shelf and actually looks empty

The kids think that the farm shelf if way too full!

Both Main Street and the housing development look totally different this year!

Which is your favorite? Leave me a comment!

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