April In Review

To be honestly this has seemed like an extremely long month. We are struggling in many areas so that may explain some of the reason, it feels like a long long month. But May is coming along with warm weather and sunshine! So bring it home. I did also find and start using Swagbucks this month. My current goal is to earn enough money via this site and a couple of other to book our next Disney vacation.  So here is the rest of the update.

1. Blogging
Post 20 per month. Fail. This is post number 18, which is at least an improvement over the past two months so I am moving in the right direction.

2.Weight Loss– 175#.  Struggling with time for this.

3. SpiritualSpend at least 5 days a week, reading and studying The Bible. Goal Met.  So proud to say that I am continuing with this goal and it is becoming more and more important each day.

1/3 personal goals met. With improvements made so I am going to move forward on a positive note.


1. Set aside money each month in every budget category. Fail

2. Establish and maintain Emergency Fund- Fail.
3. Groceries: Goal is for $700. Fail – Total spending for the month is $966.47 However looking at the year so far I have spent $530 a month which is still way less than my $700. We ended up purchasing both chicken and meat this month for the summer. I would anticipate that the next couple months will again be under budget.

4. Gas: Spend $400 a month- Goal Met! I am excited to start making a dent in the car debit we have accumulated this year.

5. Pay off all Credit Card debit by December 2016- Fail. I am meeting bare minimal payments on everything but really was hoping to begin to get control and reduce this number.

As you can tell financially this was a rough month but I am seeing God provide in ways we would not expect so I am going to stand firm and trust!

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