Monday Menu Plan

Life happens so you have to adapt some days. We usually plan out our menus a month in advance. This way we can use what we have and then purchase what we need. I also hope that it eliminates trips to the store.  However, life happens, on Friday, Matt discovered that our small refrigerator in the building went out. We were able to salvage everything. But that meant we grilled 24 pork chops and I used the crock pot for a 5# bag of chicken legs.  You will notice, we are eating a lot of chicken and pork this week. We also leave for vacation on Sunday, so I like to empty out the refrigerators as much as possible.

Breakfast- Saturday-BLT on sour dough bread with fresh tomatoes , Sunday- Bagels Monday- smoothies for kids, eggs and grits for me.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday- Choice of cereal, eggs or  grits.

Lunch- Saturday-veggie day- to use our fresh garden vegetables and some we were given   , Sunday- Lunch with friends.  Matt and I will have leftovers or sandwiches and the kids will be treated to lunch by my mom at least 3 days this week. She is picking them up from VBS.

Dinner – Saturday- Grilled pork chops or BBQ chicken legs, potato salad and fried squash, Sunday-  Leftovers from fridge, Monday- Steaks with veggies again from refrigerator , Tuesday-  mashed potatoes or cowboy beans ( Lily and Zach have orthodontic appointments) , Wednesday- Chicken pie (using chicken legs), Thursday- Pork Fried rice (using grilled pork chops) and Friday-free style- including left-overs.

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