Monday menu Plan

I really think it is more important to have a menu plan on vacation than on most normal weeks. The reason is that a plan allows you to bring food from home and prevents overspending.  So here is our plan for this week.

Sunday:  breakfast- Biscuit King, lunch-TGIFridays, dinner-pasta salad, made at home.

Monday- breakfast- gravy and biscuits, lunch-sandwhiches,dinner- hot dogs

Tuesday- breakfast- Jimmy Dean crossiant, lunch- tacos, dinner- Cheeseburger in Paradise

Wednesday- breakfast- Poptarts or leftovers, lunch Pizza, Dinner- baked ziti

Thursday- breakfast- Atlantis, lunch- sandwhiches or leftovers, Dinner- Amanda cooking

Friday- poptarts; toast donuts or crossiant, lunch sandwhiches or leftovers, dinner – seafood

Saturday- breakfast Atlantis, lunch- leftovers or McDonald’s Dinner- leftovers

Sunday- Breakfast- Atlantis, lunch- fast food on way home, Dinner- chicken nuggets

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